It's not Acrylic, it's Cultured Stone.

Need A Safer, Accessible, Senior-Friendly Bathroom? 

We Can Transform Your Bath Into
Something Safe AND Absolutely Beautiful.

If you need an ‘aging in place’ solution for your bathroom, you don’t need to choose between safety and beauty.

With our Cultured Stone bath replacement solutions, you’ll have many easy access options that are also very beautiful. Cultured Stone is the perfect material for bath replacement because it is attractive, lasts a lifetime, and is reasonably priced.

Some Of Our Aging In Place & Senior Friendly Bathroom Options

  • Walk In Tubs
  • Grab Bars
  • Roll In Showers
  • Seating
  • Low Barrier Entry Shower Pans
  • Hand Showers With Long Hose

Caring For A Senior Or Want To Stay In Your Home Longer?
It’s Smart To Minimize The Risks

Let’s face it: the bathroom can be a risky place. Water and slippery surfaces are not a good mix.

Falls and accidents are as painful as they are dangerous. Bathrooms are harder to navigate than typical home spaces, with less room to maneuver and tub edges that must be stepped over. All of that only increases the risks.

These dangers and inconveniences are often worse for people with disabilities or people who are aging but prefer to stay in their own home. For anyone with these challenges, a more accessible bathroom goes from a “nice-to-have” to absolutely crucial.

At America’s Bath, we’re experts at giving you a safer, more accessible bathroom.

For bathroom aging in place needs in Chicagoland and South East Wisconsin, America’s Bath has the right solutions.

Why Cultured Stone Is A Great Decision

More and more homeowners are discovering that Cultured Stone is the best choice for a bathroom remodel. It is much less expensive than a traditional ‘gut-the-whole-bathroom’ approach, but it saves you a massive amount of money.

It’s also fast – it can be done in a day or two. But unlike other 1-Day solutions like flimsy acrylic liners stuck on top of an old tub, America’s Bath will REPLACE your existing bath with the lifetime solution of Cultured Stone.

Cultured Stone is also easy to clean and comes in 60 colors and 5 styles.

Design Your Dream Bath Right In Your Home With One Of
Our Professional Design Consultants

With a growing number of people staying in their homes longer, the safety and comfort of the bathing experience only grows in importance. The tub/shower is one of the most neglected space in the home, yet the one that has the highest rate of accidents.

Our professional design consultation can work with you to get you the exact safety and accessibility features you want.

Here Are The Steps Our Professional Aging in Place Bathroom Design Consultant Can Walk You Through…

Walk-In Tubs

Are a great solution for bathing when mobility challenges exist.

Grab Bars

Do not underestimate the power of grab bars and their impact on bathing safety.

Roll-In Showers

Roll in showers are a great solution for wheelchair users.


Having a proper seat in the shower can facility a more enjoyable bathing experience.

Low Barrier Entry Shower Pans

At 1.5″, these standard size pans are great as the tripping hazard of the shower pan is minimized.

Hand Showers With Long Hose

By adding a longer hose to a hand shower, a bather will find it much easier to wash and rinse while seated comfortably.

Aging In Place & Senior-Friendly Bathroom Solutions For: