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Benefits of Adding a Walk-in Tub to Your Home

Benefits of Adding a Walk-in Tub to Your Home

Are you in the Chicagoland area and considering whether it’s a worthwhile investment to have a walk-in tub installed?

Good for you!

What this means is you’re looking to create a much safer, more accommodating, and easily-accessible bathing experience in your home.

It just so happens that at America’s Bath, that’s exactly our expertise – bathroom remodeling, fantastic tub-to-shower conversions, shower and bathtub replacements, Aging in Place solutions and more.

Let’s chat about walk-in tubs because they’re definitely a hot topic around Chicagoland.

We might as well begin with the most popular and cited benefits of adding a walk-in tub.

  • Making Mobility Issues Irrelevant: Walk-in tubs are incredibly simple to use; to get in and out of. To fill up and empty. Also, the barrier is far lower than conventional bathtubs making them a non-hazard when you can’t afford to take a fall.
  • The Benefits of Deep-Tub Soaking: Most of the ‘pro and con’ variables are involved with the depth and water usage of walk-in tubs (they tend to hold 50 gallons). You can actually sit and soak with plenty of added safety features – hydrotherapy.
  • Dramatically Improved Hygiene: Because they’re safer and easy to use, you typically see a dramatic improvement in hygiene with people who were avoiding it beforehand. This is important when the walk-in tub is for the physically challenged and our seniors.
  • Features Galore: You’ve got whirlpool jets from the upper back down to the feet, heated backrests, extra hand shower accessories, wider seating if needed, handrails, extra fast draining, slip resistance, digital controls and more.

Not too complex or hard to wrap your mind around in terms of benefits.

But perhaps you’re wondering about the cons.

Briefly, these are what you’ll come across the most in your research.

  • Costs? Thanks to all the benefits and specially-design features, walk-in tubs are going to be more expensive than traditional bathtubs. Thing is, most ‘traditional’ bathtubs are pretty cheap anyway.
  • More Labor? This is really situational, depending on where the walk-in tub needs to be installed, but honestly most installers can do this in a few hours.
  • Heating? Sometimes folks find it difficult to fill them up and keep the water warm. Yes, there are cases where a water heater upgrade would be appropriate.

If you’re in Chicagoland and would like to know more or speak to an America’s Bath professional about walk-in tub models, benefits, manufacturers, or warranty information – don’t hesitate to call.

That said, who are you considering the walk-in tub for?

How much different do you need your bathroom experience to be from what it is today?

Aging In Place Solutions: Beyond Walk-in Tubs

What you see below is a picture of a walk-in shower remodel we set up for a Chicagoland resident in less than 2 days. First, take a look and then we’ll point out all the many benefits.

Aging In Place Solutions: Beyond Walk-in Tubs

  • Low barrier walk-in shower with professionally-latched strong clear encasing.
  • Functional and perfectly-placed storage area.
  • Completely secure seating area.
  • Hand-held showerhead with long hose which can reach the seating.
  • Designed with gorgeous cultured stone – the perfect material for bathroom upgrades.

Need it lower? We specialize in roll-in (wheelchair accessible) showers as well.

Want to add more storage and a grab bar? We design the shower area for you and your needs.

Need elements of this kind of shower enclosure combined with a walk-in tub? Reach out and contact us!

Shower enclosure combined with a walk-in tub

In Chicagoland?

If you’re in the Chicagoland area and ready to move forward with either a walk-in tub, or you’d just prefer to chat with a specialist, give America’s Bath a call. If you’d like, we’ll send one of our well-trained, professional consultants to your home – no sales pressure involved whatsoever – to show you samples, provide you with all the data you need, and an iron-clad quote based on your overall bathroom remodeling needs.