Aging in Place

Pros & Cons of Adding a Walk-in Tub for Seniors

The Pros of Walk-in Tubs and Showers for Seniors To kick this off let’s begin with the good stuff – the pros and benefits of modern and specially-designed walk-in tubs and showers for seniors. Honestly though, they’re not just seniors, but folks with mobility issues and physical challenges as well. Speaking of which… Accommodating Mobility […]

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Benefits of Adding a Walk-in Tub to Your Home

Are you in the Chicagoland area and considering whether it’s a worthwhile investment to have a walk-in tub installed? Good for you! What this means is you’re looking to create a much safer, more accommodating, and easily-accessible bathing experience in your home. It just so happens that at America’s Bath, that’s exactly our expertise – […]

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3 Ways To Make A Safer Bathroom For Seniors

In this article we’re going to look at 3 ways to make a safer bathroom for seniors in Chicagoland and SE Wisconsin, while focusing on the actual bathing area. The supreme risk is FALLING. It happens in an instant. It happens without much warning and it can destroy a life. In fact, the CDC estimated […]

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