Bathroom Remodeling

Never Do Business With A Bathroom Remodeler Until You Check These 4 Things

Here’s How You Find A PROVEN Bathroom Contractor In Chicagoland and SE Wisconsin Homeowners searching for a proven and reliable bathroom remodeler in Chicagoland or SE Wisconsin should do always do their homework. Research BEFORE you sign a contract with a bathroom contractor prevents headaches and wasted money. And the good news is this does […]

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Would You Like Your New Shower With Bounce… Or No Bounce?

Here’s How To Avoid An Unstable Feeling That Comes From A ‘Spongy’ Shower Surface. If you’re shopping for the right bathroom remodeling solution, you need to know that some companies will recommend putting an acrylic liner over top of your old tub or shower instead of replacing it. That is definitely one option if you want […]

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What to Consider Before Hiring a Bathroom Remodeling Company

Hi there! In Chicagoland doing your research, scouring the area for a bathroom remodeling company you can verify, trust, and feel good about working with? Good for you! The choices you make help to strengthen our community, of which America’s Bath is an extremely proud member. After so many years in the industry serving the […]

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Benefits of Adding a Walk-in Tub to Your Home

Are you in the Chicagoland area and considering whether it’s a worthwhile investment to have a walk-in tub installed? Good for you! What this means is you’re looking to create a much safer, more accommodating, and easily-accessible bathing experience in your home. It just so happens that at America’s Bath, that’s exactly our expertise – […]

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Common Bathroom Remodel Design Mistakes to Avoid

Are you replacing an outdated vanity or on the cusp of renovating an entire bathroom in your home? Bathroom remodeling, at first, can often seem like a huge bank-buster… but that’s not always the case. By avoiding common mistakes you end up saving a ton right off the top, which you can then divert into […]

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