It's not Acrylic, it's Cultured Stone.

Common Bathroom Remodel Design Mistakes to Avoid

Common Bathroom Remodel Design Mistakes to Avoid

Are you replacing an outdated vanity or on the cusp of renovating an entire bathroom in your home?

Bathroom remodeling, at first, can often seem like a huge bank-buster… but that’s not always the case. By avoiding common mistakes you end up saving a ton right off the top, which you can then divert into far more effective ideas.

That said, let’s get three of the most common out of the way first so we can get to the mistakes we here at America’s Bath deal with continuously.

  • Taking an Uncharted Route (Winging It): Simply put: the more you invest in your planning phase the more fruitful the results; the more pleased you’ll be. Don’t skimp! Gather professionals, friends and family and put more than one head together. Scour the internet, read books, do whatever it takes to truly plan/sketch out your bathroom remodel.
  • Not Getting Any Budgeting Help: Don’t wing the budgeting. If you’re horrible with numbers, have hated math since childhood, and have no experience with budgeting for bathroom remodeling…then get help! In the Chicagoland or SE Wisconsin area? Call America’s Bath Company and you can chat with a seasoned consultant for free today.
  • Failing to Optimize The Fan: Moisture is your bathroom’s biggest challenge. The fan’s keeping it at bay. The absolute first thing to check in your bathroom remodel is the ventilation – if it’s not working up to par there should be mold, mildew, increasing demand for cleaning, etc. Address, clean, fix and optimize!

Awesome, with those basics out of the way we can go a bit deeper into our specialties.

Mistake #1: Installing Cheap Acrylic Showering Enclosures

After substantial experience in the bathroom remodeling industry of the Chicagoland and greater SE Wisconsin areas, we’ve seen this cardinal rule play out time and time again:

“There’s a right and wrong way to use acrylic material when you’re neck deep in a bathroom remodel.”

What’s the right way?

Because acrylic is strong and non-porous it’s an ideal material for bathtubs.

What’s the wrong way?

There’s two core applications where we don’t advise using acrylic:

  1. Shower/Tub Enclosure: Why not give your bathroom some life and design? Acrylic is plain, boring, unstylish, and they look as cheap as they typically are.
  2. Liner to Cover an Old Tub: If your bathtub (and immediate surrounding area) are really old and in disrepair, don’t just toss a cheap acrylic liner over everything.

What’s a better option that doesn’t go as far as importing precious stones to build your luxurious own cave-like bathroom?

Looking to avoid tile and grout?

We and our thousands of customers all feel Cultured Stone is a Far Superior Solution!

Cultured Stone is a Far Superior Solution!

Mistake #2: Neglecting Proper Tub-to-Shower Transformations

If you’re stuck in the design phase and just aren’t sure where to go with your bathroom to take it to the next level…not so much in terms of coloring and artistic angles, but in terms of dramatic beneficial impacts…

You could consider a tub-to-shower transformation.

Why not wave goodbye to that old, conventional, unexciting bath? Truth is, it DOESN’T have to cost as much as you might think if you go with cultured stone.

  • FAR more affordable than a gutting-the-bathroom approach.
  • The material comes in aHUGE assortment of styles.
  • Cultured stone is gorgeous, lasts a lifetime, and it’s easy to clean (no grout).

Common Bathroom Remodel Design Mistakes to Avoid

That is an actual shower we designed and installed for a local bathroom remodeling project. Visit our gallery to see more from around Chicagoland and SE Wisconsin.

How many benefits can you spot?

Speaking of which…

Mistake #3: Missing Out on Affordable Luxurious Benefits

In life the smallest of details can make ALL the difference. In the gallery image above, here’s a few of the new benefits those folks are enjoying to this day.

  • Low barrier entry with smooth sliding glass door and handlebar.
  • A grip bar inside the shower enclosure to increase safety.
  • A stable seat where you can take a load off and relax.
  • Plentiful storage space that’s functional and not in the way.
  • The Cultured Stone is beautiful and unique-looking like real marble.

With most bathrooms you have to be focused, optimize the space and get as much as you can per solution. Cultured stone puts the big-impact-transformations into a much more affordable remodeling category.

In The Chicagoland or SE Wisconsin Areas?

If you’re within our Service Areas and ready to move forward with a bathroom remodel, or you’d just like to chat with a specialist, give America’s Bath a call. We’ll happily send one of our well-trained, professional consultants to your home – no sales pressure involved whatsoever – to show you samples, provide you with all the data you need, and an iron-clad quote based on your overall bathroom remodeling needs.