It's not Acrylic, it's Cultured Stone.

Cultured Stone vs Acrylic in Bathrooms

Cultured Stone vs Acrylic in Bathrooms

Considering cultured stone vs acrylic in bathrooms?

As you move towards a new bathroom remodel of your own, questions regarding materials are foundational. They go a long way in determining ultimate results: the benefits you enjoy (or not), and what kind of overall project price tag to expect.

In this article we’ll be looking at both and helping you make the best choice possible for your property and the goals you have for it.

Let’s begin with some basic definitions. 

Cultured Stone 101

Technically, ‘Cultured Stone’ is the title of a Boral America company trademark that’s become a common way to indicate architectural manmade stone rather than natural.

What we’re talking about here is factory-created stone molded out of typically Portland cement, lightweight natural aggregates and iron oxide pigments. It’s manufactured stone veneer, used to accentuate, protect, and upgrade many bathroom surfaces – walls, flooring, bathtub fittings, showers, countertops, etc.

You may have seen it many times, but because it looks exactly like real stone it’s hard to tell. In truth, cultured stone is obviously quite different where it counts.

  • Hard and rock solid. This makes it a long-term lifetime upgrade solution. From drab and down to gorgeous and luxurious without the excessively high costs or cheap alternatives.
  • Along with being strong and durable, cultured stone is beautiful!
  • Cultured stone is very easy to clean and maintain.

And let’s not forget the fact that it’s not ACTUAL rare or precious stone which can be hard to get.

Real Stone: How It Differs

Why not just go with real stone that ISN’T hard to source? Good question. We’re huge rock fans – slate, soapstone, limestone, granite and of course marble! We’re not going to advise against going with real stone if that’s what you’d like. The drawbacks vs. manufactured stone (which comes in a HUGE assortment of styles) are simple:

  • Often far more expensive by themselves.
  • They’re much heavier and more dense as well, which could require expensive and time consuming foundation work.
  • Many stones are ridiculously hard to cut with precision without big powerful machinery.

For a price, just about anything you want can be done, but let’s keep our focus on cultured stone vs acrylic in bathrooms. The cultured stone just gives the appearance of stone while being stronger, with far less weight, upkeep requirements and expense.

Acrylic in A Bathroom Remodel

To be prudent, when we talk about acrylic in the context of a bathroom, we’re talking about a glass-like plastic that can also be used throughout the bathroom – often showers, bathtubs and their enclosures. As an alternative to grouting and conventional tiling, one of the biggest upsides is how easy it is to keep clean over time.

  • As cheap vinyl siding is to the exterior walls of your home, cheap 1-day acrylic liners are to your overall bathroom design.
  • Being non-porous and easy to clean, it’s perfectly-suited for certain areas around the bathroom.
  • However, using acrylic for the shower or tub area is plain, unstylish, boring, and cheap.
  • Throwing cheap acrylic over problems and old bathroom areas rather than addressing and upgrading them isn’t ideal.

Let’s take a look at one easy extremely common 54 x 27 white acrylic shower.


Now, if that’s all you’re looking for then that’ll do. You’re not asking for much from the area and not getting much in return. But, let’s imagine you need more from your shower and this is the shower in your long-term home not some shabby apartment.

Here’s an alternative, taken from our very own gallery of successful shower remodels and installs.

Note that the showerheads are almost exactly the same. What’s different?

  • The cultured stone gives off a much more luxurious vibe and mood.
  • There’s plenty of storage space, but in a much more stylish and functional way.
  • You’ve got a sliding door with a bracing handle that’s easy to keep clean.
  • A place to sit down, both during the showering experience and afterward when you want to stay in the warms of the steam while drying off.
  • We can add extra storage space, grab bars, and so much to enhance the area!

Example: Tub-to-Shower Cultured Stone Transformation

On the other hand, let’s say you’re like so many of our great customers here in the Chicagoland and SE Wisconsin areas. You’ve got a basic bathtub + shower enclosure like the one in the screenshot below, but need something that can better fit your lifestyle.


Is this functional? It could be. But if you’re in the market to fully upgrade your bathroom why would you go from acrylic to acrylic? Without breaking the bank on natural stone, we can come in and within a couple days make a transformation like this a reality:

  • Once again the more subtle, stylish, and strategically-placed storage areas.
  • This time there’s the sliding door bar AND another grab bar for extra safety.
  • Consider the difference in height – the ease of getting in and out.

If you wanted that to be freshly cut marble or some cave-like stone enclosure, that would be an incredible undertaking. Could your bathroom’s foundation handle it? Our cultured stone solutions are FAR more affordable than the ‘Let’s go ahead and gut the whole bathroom!’ approach to remodeling.

In The Chicagoland or SE Wisconsin Areas?

If you’re within our Service Areas and interested in cultured stone vs acrylic in bathrooms, give America’s Bath a call. We’ll send one of our well-trained, professional consultants to your home – no sales pressure involved whatsoever – to show you samples, provide you with all the data you need, and a quote from us based on your overall needs.