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Even We Were Surprised By This Recent Better Business Bureau Review

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Another 5-Star Review Posted To BBB Page Of Chicagoland Bathroom Remodeler

We’re pleased with the reputation we’ve earned online. We’ve got 30+ reviews on Google and the overwhelming majority are 5 stars.

On the Better Business Bureau website, it’s even better. We have 75+ reviews with a 5-star average.

So we’re kind of used to people saying nice things about us – and we do sincerely appreciate it when customers take the time to do that.

But even with all the good reviews, we occasionally get a rave review that pleasantly surprises us – we sometimes forget that the customer service we provide is not the industry standard.

It’s nice to be reminded that homeowners really appreciate that we keep our promises and that our friendly service makes a big difference to people.

Customer Says On Better Business Bureau Website That He’s ‘COMPLETELY HAPPY’

The review we so appreciated was posted recently to the BBB website by our customer Willie.

Willie started off by giving a shout out to our consultant Tom, who he described as “not pushy and knew his product.”

Next, Willie talked about his interaction with our office manager Christina. Willie said he made a lot of calls into the office, sometimes requesting changes or asking questions.

He was worried he was annoying Christina, but that’s not our attitude at America’s Bath. A customer is not an annoyance or an obstacle – we’re here to make sure you’re happy and satisfied.

Here’s what Willie said specifically in his review about his interactions with Kristina:

“I KNOW I was getting on her last nerve but she was always so sweet and never made me feel I should leave her alone.”

It turned out that Willie had a shower door issue post-install and he rang up Christina again. She immediately began working on a resolution and sent the original installer Matt out to take a look.

Here’s Willie describing how we handled this problem:

“Between the two of them [Christina and Matt], I feel they are just the best. Matt installed my shower. He likes to get everything just perfect… he knew I wasn’t completely happy with my shower doors and he REPLACED them and made me COMPLETLY HAPPY. I LOVE my bathroom now that I have my beautiful shower in it. Thank you so much Christina and Matt.”

Willie finished up by saying he waited a couple of months before finalizing and submitting this review to the BBB because he “wanted to make sure EVERYTHING was working perfect.” Well, it is, and Willie gave us this 5-star rave on the BBB.

America’s Bath Owner Responds To BBB Review

Our owner summed up how good it feels to hear from our customers that we are doing things the right way:

“There is nothing more gratifying than when you hear from a customer after the fact that the people you employ do the right thing. I am very fortunate to employ good people.”

That’s the key to America’s Bath. We have an amazing product with Cultured Stone, but that’s only half the equation. The other half is having the right team of professionals that actually CARE about results and your satisfaction.

It’s easy for any bathroom remodeling company to SAY they care about great service and installation… but how many have reviews like this on the BBB website to prove it?

Why Take Risks?

There’s a lot of contractors in Chicagoland and SE Wisconsin that will tell you they’ll provide you a “quality” bathroom remodel with “good” service. A few will, but many will be mediocre at best.

Very few remodelers give you awesome results. Even fewer are both awesome and affordable.

If you check out our reviews and our A+ rating with the BBB, you’ll see that we are a company that keeps its promises and delivers results homeowners love. Take the risk out of your project by choosing a proven bathroom remodeler.

To see the Better Business Bureau page about America’s Bath, including Willie’s terrific review, go here.

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