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Four Ways We Show Respect When We Enter Your Home

Let’s face it: home remodeling projects are notorious for being stressful.

We’ve all heard – or experienced – the horror stories. Sometimes those stories are about a few rotten apples who make all contractors look bad.

But much more common are remodeling companies that are mediocre. They don’t start off looking to do a lousy job, but then they are too willing to cut corners in a lot of little ways that then add up to big problems.

At America’s Bath, we’re intentionally very different. For us, EVERY detail matters. And that that all starts with one very important word we use a lot at our company:


When you demonstrate true respect to your customers and their home, you can eliminate all the potential stress of a remodeling project. It really does make a HUGE difference. And our philosophy is to ALWAYS clearly show that respect from the moment your project starts.

Here are 4 ways we show you respect as soon as we enter your home.

Respect Action #1 – We show up on time.

Before installation day, we give you a time window letting you know when we’ll arrive. We consider that time window a promise to you – and we make sure we keep it.

We take being on time seriously, especially because we are often remodeling your bathroom in 1 day. That makes being on time all the more crucial to a successful project.

Respect Action #2 – Your installer hands you a biography card.

It’s natural for homeowners to feel a little uneasy about who is coming into their home. Some remodeling contractors make it worse by having installers who are not personable and are often not the best communicators.

We take the opposite approach. We’re very careful to hire friendly experts who have been background checked.

We also take it a step further by having our lead installer hand you a biography card when he arrives. It will have his picture and some brief information about him.

It’s a small detail, but one that can break the ice and send the clear signal that our guys are personable and WANT to communicate with you.

Respect Point #3 – We put tarps down from the point we enter your home all the way to the work area.

Remodeling can be a messy business, but with the right preparation you can keep a home from getting dirty or damaged.

Now many remodelers will use a few tarps, but we take it a step further by rolling them from the point of entry in your home all the way to the bathroom that is being remodeled.

This eliminates mess that can otherwise be created as installers go about the business of remodeling your bathroom.

Respect Point #4 – We make sure that we consult with you on key installation day decisions.

With each installation, there are several decisions that should be personalized to the homeowner’s preference. Things like shower head height, seat and shelving height, paintable or non-paintable caulking, and more.

Other contractors will often just assume your preferences or do what they think is “standard installation.”

We believe you deserve the respect of being consulted – it is YOUR bathroom after all! Our guys will go over each decision with you before taking action to make sure to meet your specific needs.

Those are 4 ways we show you respect as we start installation, but of course we show you this level of attention to detail all the way through. That includes making sure we clean up after ourselves and haul away all the debris from your old bathroom.

Some bathroom remodeling contractors might call our obsession with respect “over the top” or “unnecessary.” But we believe this attention to detail is the foundation of an awesome customer experience and beautiful results.

We’d be honored to give you a free consultation and quote on a bathroom remodeling project. One thing you’ll know for sure if you choose us: you’ll be shown the proper R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

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