It's not Acrylic, it's Cultured Stone.

How To Decorate Your Bathroom For The Holidays


When we think of home decorating for the holidays, our first thought is not usually our bathrooms. Whether you are thinking of updating your bathroom soon or are you enjoying your new America’s Bath Company Bathroom–here are some ideas that will bring joy to you and your guest this holiday season.


Add Sparkle and Shine

Mix pretty metals to bring some glam into your bathroom. The sparkle will tie in your hardware and give winter spirit until the end of the year or even winter season! Try sparkly hand towels, garland, or a jar of ornaments on the vanity top.

Do a theme

The modern farmhouse theme is popular right now. You can also do candy canes, animals, or Santa clause for a kid’s bathroom. Having a different theme for each bathroom makes it fun for your holiday guests.

Add fresh greenery

Bringing in fresh cut evergreen branches or boxwood clipping can not only give your bathroom a winter green look, but also add fresh scents. The evergreen scent is very calming as you step into your cultured stone shower.

Bring in winter scents

We always think of evergreen scents for winter, but other ones include fresh baked cookies, peppermint, or nutmeg. You can tie in scents with candles, hand soap, plug in wall scents, fresh cinnamon sticks, or potpourri. Seasonal scents can improve concentration and invigorates your mind.

Do not neglect unusual spaces

Decorate the door, walls, inside the shower. Adding small holiday touches can include adding a jingle bell to the door handle, changing out your wall art to a seasonal piece, and giving your guest winter inspired body soaps and towels. Chose fun red and green sponges to display on your corner shower caddies.

Here at America’s Bath, we specialize in one day bathroom remodels. If you are hosting for gatherings or want to gift a beautiful new bathroom to your loved one, we are happy to help. Let’s connect and put your new bathroom on your holiday wish list! Call our friendly team at (855) 454-3700.