It's not Acrylic, it's Cultured Stone.

Is Cultured Stone Really a Better Remodeling Material? (Hint: Yes.)

It’s As Beautiful As Tile WITHOUT The
Outrageous Cost In Time & Money.

It can sometimes feel like every bathroom remodeling company tells you a different story. Why isn’t there more consistency in pricing and methods?

It can all get pretty confusing, pretty quick.

But the truth is it doesn’t have to be that mysterious. The key is understanding that there are 3 main methods of bathroom remodeling.

Some bathroom remodeling companies push the traditional remodel – gutting your entire bathroom and installing tile – which can take weeks and cost thousands.

Other companies push fast and inexpensive acrylic liners that look cheap and set you up for problems with mold and moisture down the road.

And then there is the America’s Bath way. We are one of the very few remodelers in the country who has discovered that Cultured Stone is the perfect material for remodeling your bathroom.

Let’s dig into the details of why Cultured Stone is the best solution for remodeling a bathroom. The best way to do that is to compare it to the two alternative ways and then explain why Cultured Stone is different.

1st Way – The Traditional Bathroom Remodel

This is the ‘gut everything, start-all-over-again’ method. This does have some things going for it. You can completely redesign your bathroom any way you want. You also can get beautiful results, as long as you find and hire a high-quality designer and contractor.

Sounds like a good option, right? Well, the truth is that many homeowners find it to be a VERY expensive and time-consuming nightmare.

Traditional bathroom remodels typically costs tens of thousands of dollars. It will also take weeks to finish – sometimes months. With this method, expect to be without the bathroom you’re remodeling for a very significant amount of time.

2nd Way – The 1-Day Liner

Companies who sell acrylic liners will try to oversell what it can do for you. Yes, it will make your bathroom look at least a little better and more refreshed. (ANY remodel should do at least that).

But at the end of the day, a liner is just a piece of flimsy acrylic stuck right over the top of your old tub. The biggest advantage of this method is price – it is cheaper than the other two ways. It is also fast (although we can install Cultured Stone just as fast).

But the biggest problem with acrylic liners is that you are more likely to be hiding problems than solving them. That’s because this method does not replace your old tub or shower – it just covers it with a thin piece of acrylic. That will hide any underlying problems which tend to get worse over time.

The other issue is that installation has to be perfect, and it almost never is. Problems include air being trapped between the liner and tub, poor seals, and moisture being trapped and causing mold and mildew issues.

Many homeowners report feeling like the floor of their tub/shower is spongy and harder to stand on after installing a liner.

The other thing about 1 Day Liners is how they look. They are cheap – and they look it! Most homeowners want better, but sometimes think settling for acrylic is the only way to keep costs reasonable. And that’s exactly why Cultured Stone is such a superb solution – it is very beautiful but only costs a bit more than liners.

3rd Way – Beautiful Cultured Stone

The final option for remodeling your bathroom is to have beautiful Cultured Stone installed.

Cultured Stone is highly crushed stone and marble combined with high-quality resins – it’s a beautiful lifetime material that is easy to clean.

This way has lots of advantages:

  • Our method completely replaces your old tub or shower – we take it down to the studs. This is better than using a liner to cover up old problems.
  • It’s also fast – most replacements can be done in a day, two at the most.
  • It’s very reasonably priced. It will save you literally tens of thousands of dollars compared to the traditional ‘gut everything’ method, but only costs a bit more than flimsy acrylic liners.
  • It’s really beautiful too – homeowners are blown away that it looks as good as the typical tub and tile replacement full tear-out remodel. And it looks WAY better than acrylic liners.
  • There are lots of choices too – 60 colors and 5 styles. So you can get the look you want at a price you can afford.

Cultured Stone is also the lifetime choice – we give you a lifetime warranty on this Made In The USA product.


If you live in Chicagoland or South East Wisconsin and want to remodel your bathroom, contact us for a free quote.