It's not Acrylic, it's Cultured Stone.

What to Consider Before Hiring a Bathroom Remodeling Company

Hi there! In Chicagoland doing your research, scouring the area for a bathroom remodeling company you can verify, trust, and feel good about working with?

Good for you!

The choices you make help to strengthen our community, of which America’s Bath is an extremely proud member. After so many years in the industry serving the people of Chicagoland, we’d like to quickly go over four quick questions with you.

Each will get you to look at considerations that help determine the best course possible for your needs and budget.

Note: We’ll assume you’ll take steps to ensure everyone you deal with is fully licensed, certified, bonded, and sporting proper credentials (ongoing education, industry testing, background checks, etc.) to come into your home and start talking. Avoid any so-called bathroom remodeling company without them.

Let’s get to the first question.

How Many Interviews Have You Done?

While we’re typically that bathroom remodeling company you feel safe going with after meeting one of our Chicagoland consultants, we 100% advise people to interview a minimum of three potential candidates.

Yes, three.

And there are good reasons for this practice like,

  • Each can provide unique design ideas and perspectives that can help get your juices flowing. Consider it like putting more than one head together. It’s extremely wise.
  • With three you should get a decent idea of the project-bid-range. Most often two (including ours) will be right along easily-verifiable local Chicagoland market standards for the prices of materials and labor, while that third is way off in left field somewhere.
  • Make sure to get all this good information in writing – bids, design sketches & materials, notes, projected timelines, etc.

How Much Portfolio Time Are You Logging?

No, not going online and searching the net for images of bathroom remodels.

No, not spending time on social media platforms looking at other homeowner bathroom remodels.

What we’re talking about here is really looking through contractor portfolios. Or, like in the case of America’s Bath, they might call it something else like a Project Gallery.

That said, let’s talk about three things to look for.

  • Customization: Are you interested in working with a bathroom remodeling company who is really nothing but a crew of installers, or a company who can actually do some remodeling? There’s a huge difference, so keep an eye out for those amazing Before & After photos or media that clearly shows what kind of transformations they implement.
  • Specifics: Stunning photography can gloss over a lack of specifics if you aren’t paying attention. Look closer, what are these professionals actually doing? Again, are they remodeling anything or just putting an acrylic liner over the tub?
  • Versatility: Sure, their website might blow your socks off. The quality of those images might be astounding. But, how much versatility (scope) in terms of remodeling does the company you’re looking at actually have? Make sure they can do what you envision through their portfolio as well as through any marketing or advertising material!

How Much Social Proofing Do They Have?

Social proofing – customer reviews and testimonials. These days, you can often also find reviews and testimonials written by former employees of a Chicagoland bathroom remodeling company.

  • Quantity vs. Quality: If you read through 100 one-liners like “They’re great!” or “Did a great job, highly recommended!” what do they really tell you? Not much. Instead, seek to read through 20 or 30 well-written and more specific reviews that talk about their overall process and results.
  • Spotting the Genuine: If a review is completely devoid of specifics, assume it might not be genuine. It may very well be honest, but again, there’s nothing to specify their process, results, approaches, design quality, etc. Genuine reviews have specifics,and 9 times out of 10 they also contain normal everyday writing mistakes. Most shouldn’t be polished.
  • Service Orientation: They may be a brilliant….genius-level bathroom remodeling company, but how’s their customer service? Other than results, the #1 thing people review is customer service – professionalism & respect.

Want to Talk to a Specialist Today?

If you’re in the Chicagoland area and ready to move forward with a reputable and specialized bathroom remodeling company, give America’s Bath a call. We’ll proudly send one of our well-trained, professional consultants to your home – no sales pressure involved whatsoever – to show you samples, provide you with all the data you need, and an iron-clad quote based on your overall bathroom remodeling needs.