It's not Acrylic, it's Cultured Stone.

Why Do So Many Homeowners Use The Word “Love” In Our BBB Reviews?

We Have An Unheard Of 80+ 5 Star Reviews On The BBB Site

Some homeowners don’t realize it, but the Better Business Bureau is not just a place for consumer complaints.

It’s actually a treasure trove of useful information, including actual customer reviews posted on the independent Better Business Bureau website.

America’s Bath has a near unheard of 80+ 5-star reviews from past customers on the BBB. The truth is most bathroom remodeling companies have – at best – a small handful of reviews on their BBB page (and the few they have typically aren’t good).

Not so with us. In fact – although we admit we didn’t go in and count every word – one of the most common words in our BBB reviews is “LOVE.”

What Specifically Do Our Customers Say They Love About Us?

The #1 thing people say they love in their reviews is the beauty and quality of the product. People love the attractiveness of Cultured Stone bathrooms – they say it again and again in our reviews.

Here are several quotes taken directly from BBB reviews:

  • “The product is phenomenal. It is the easiest thing I’ve ever had to clean…especially for a shower surface. I love it!”
  • “We love the finished product that yields additional space over the fiberglass we previously had.”
  • “My shower is beautiful, I just love how it looks. “
  • “Service, installation and product is great. I love the look and it’s maintenance-free.”

We’ve always insisted that Cultured Stone is the exact right material for bathroom remodels, and our reviews back that up.

The love doesn’t stop at our product – customers also talk a lot about our installers, too. Here are some more direct quotes, this time showing the love to our installation team:

  • “The installation crew was great. I would love to have them back.”
  • “The workers have been very polite and courteous at keeping our house clean. Very professional and love the shower!”
  • “The installation guys checked and doubled check their work. I love the end result.”

Of course, there’s many ways to express love, and we hear it in many different ways: “top notch” … “impressive” … “excellent” … and many more things we just love to hear.

  • “Everything was top notch. Great customer service and quality. I would recommend this company. They do what they say.”
  • “The presentation was excellent, the product was outstanding, even the organization and contacts with America’s Bath were all excellent. I would recommend America’s Bath.”

We’d say it’s kind of crazy how much love our customers show us in our Better Business Bureau reviews, except that’s always been our goal to deliver results that customers LOVE. Ever step of our process is intentionally designed to make people ecstatic about their new bathroom.

We encourage anyone considering ANY company to always check out the Better Business Bureau reviews and ratings. We’re proud of our track record and we don’t think you’ll find another bathroom remodeler that comes close to having so many 5-star reviews on the BBB.

(By the way, it probably goes without saying, but you should also know that we are a fully accredited business with the BBB and of course we maintain an A+ rating).

If you want to read the reviews for yourself, here’s the link to the reviews page on the independent Better Business Bureau website.

And if you want to get a bathroom remodel that you’ll absolutely love, go here to schedule a free consultation and quote.