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Why Some Bathroom Remodeling Companies Make You Feel Like You’re Negotiating A Used Car

And Why We Refuse To Play That Game.

We’ve been surprised to hear that some other 1-day bathroom remodeling companies take a totally different approach to the quote process than we do.

First, here’s a brief explanation of how we do things:

At your free in-home consultation, we carefully listen to your needs, make a complete assessment of the bathroom space, and then carefully calculate a quote for you.

If we have a special discount available, we calculate that into your quote right from the start. We treat all our customers the same, and don’t do any special “wheeling and dealing” to see if we can talk one customer into paying more, and only lowering the price if they refuse to pay the higher cost.

Our whole process is simple, straightforward, and honest.

It never really occurred to us to do anything other than transparently calculate a quote and offer you our best and fairest price right from the start.

The Pricing Stunts That Other 1 Day Remodelers Will Sometimes Pull

Apparently, some other bathroom remodeling contractors treat the quote process completely differently.

They’ll give you a price and ask you to sign. If you say no, they’ll say something along the lines of “Well, I might be able to get you a better price, but I’m going to have to call into the main office to see if I can get authorization to do that.”

And before you know it, the quote just got reduced, and now they REALLY start pressuring you to sign. Sometimes the quotes miraculously go down by 20%, 30%, even 50%! Were they really willing to charge you double if you’d agreed to the first price?

This is like the bad old days of Used Car Salesmanship 101 and we think it has no place in the bathroom remodeling industry.

We refuse to play these games because these kind of tactics make all the rest of us remodelers look bad. And it’s also simply not fair to homeowners.

If You’re Being Badgered, Throw Out The Salesperson (And Their Tent!)

Here’s the good news:


If the salesperson has “camped out” in your living room and doesn’t seem to be leaving until you agree to sign, tell them to “pack up their tent and move on” because you’ve got other options.

Here’s OUR Promise

There’s a better way to get a very reasonable quote on your bathroom remodel, without all the stress, and it is completely free and without obligation.

We promise to give you our best price right off the bat, fairly calculated based on the project specs (not on how much money we think we can get out of you). We further promise to be completely professional and not use high-pressure sales tactics.

We believe in our product and will politely ask for the sale, but we NEVER forget that the decision is always yours.

If this sounds like the kind of friendly, fair quote process that you are looking for, you can go here to request a free in-home consultation and quote.