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Would You Like Your New Shower With Bounce… Or No Bounce?

Image showing difference between shower with a floor that bounces and a floor that doesn't

Here’s How To Avoid An Unstable Feeling That Comes From A ‘Spongy’ Shower Surface.

If you’re shopping for the right bathroom remodeling solution, you need to know that some companies will recommend putting an acrylic liner over top of your old tub or shower instead of replacing it.

That is definitely one option if you want to upgrade your bathroom, but you should at least know the facts about this option.

And one of the key facts about acrylic liner is that they WON’T prevent a “bounce” when you step into your tub or shower.

Your Choice: Bounce Or No Bounce?

Here’s what we mean by ‘Bounce or No Bounce’:

When you choose an acrylic liner, you need to be okay with the bottom of your shower – where you stand – having some “give to it.” Sometimes a lot of give – sometimes referred to as bounce.

You step into the shower and instead of feeling steady solidness under your feet, you get a spongy, sinking feeling instead.

So… What’s The Problem With Bounce In A Shower?

Maybe you’d be fine with a “bounce,” but we can tell you many homeowners have told us they are NOT fine with it. Here’s why:

  • It causes more anxiety about slipping or falling. Let’s face it: wet areas like showers are already a source of concern for falling. Having something that feels less than solid under your feet only increases that feeling.
  • ‘Feels cheap’ every day you step in the shower. Whatever decision you make for your bathroom is usually something you live with for the rest of your time in your home. Stepping into a shower with a bounce is a constant reminder of taking a shortcut.
  • You wonder… what other problems are under this liner? Acrylic liners are notorious for just covering up old problems instead of getting rid of them and starting fresh. “The bounce” is only one of the most obvious problems being covered over – what else is covered up when you choose an acrylic liner?

How To Guarantee Yourself A No Bounce Shower Or Tub.

Here’s the thing about the ‘bounce or no bounce’ question – there’s absolutely no reason to feel like you have to put up with a shower with bounce.

Our Cultured Stone solution has NO BOUNCE and it costs only about 10% more than a flimsy acrylic liner. It installs just as fast as an acrylic liner, too – we can usually get a full replacement done in one day.

Take a look at the photo below and look at the one on the left – that’s the product we install. You can tell just by looking at it how solid it is all the way through. It’s why when you step into your shower, there will be NO BOUNCE – just a comfortable surface solidly underneath your feet.

Image showing difference between shower with a floor that bounces and a floor that doesn't

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