It's not Acrylic, it's Cultured Stone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cultured Stone?

It’s high quality crushed stone and marble that makes for an exceptionally strong, beautiful and long-lasting wall surface for your bath or shower. It’s a superb material for bathrooms because it’s easy to clean and surprisingly affordable. Cultured Stone looks as good or better than traditional tile—but costs thousands less. It comes in 60 different colors, so you have maximum flexibility.

Why do prices for bathroom remodeling projects vary so much?

The huge differences in price reflect different ways of remodeling a bathroom.

The first way is the traditional ‘gut-the-whole-thing’ and start over approach. The results of this can be beautiful if you pick the right contractor. The downside is this costs tens of thousands of dollars even for small bathrooms and takes weeks if not months.

The second way is fully replacing your bath or shower with beautiful Cultured Stone. The advantages here are numerous. It is a beautiful, lifetime product but still very reasonably priced (it can literally save you tens of thousands of dollars over the traditional method). It can also be done in a day or two.

The third way is to have a company put a flimsy acrylic liner over your old tub. It looks a little better, but since you are not actually replacing your bath, you could be just covering up problems. This method is the cheapest way, but it typically saves you only around 10% compared to Cultured Stone. The Cultured Stone solution is a full replacement solution and much more beautiful, but only costs a little more.

For more on this, please visit our 3 Ways To A New Bathroom page.

How long will I be without my bathroom?

With the solution from America’s Bath, the majority of our jobs are done in one day.

What’s wrong with using acrylic to upgrade my bathroom?

There’s nothing wrong with using acrylic in the bathroom. In fact, the new bathtub or shower we install will use acrylic. It is a non-porous surface that is great for bathrooms when used correctly.

The problem is that many companies use acrylic for shower walls or put an acrylic liner right over your old bathtub. These are not good uses of acrylic. For shower walls, acrylic does not look nearly as good as Cultured Stone. And used as a liner, acrylic just ends up covering up old problems instead of solving them with a full replacement.

For more on this topic, please visit our Acrylic Solutions page.

Can you make my bath or shower more accessible?

Absolutely. We have lots of available styles and solutions. For aging in place and making your bathroom more accessible and safer, our Cultured Stone products have the right options.

This is a superior solution to acrylic liners because those just go over your existing tub and don’t make it any more accessible. Our Cultured Stone solution is also better than paying someone tens of thousands of dollars to completely gut your old bathroom and start over.

Does my new bath come with a warranty?

Yes – in fact we give you a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty. This means that if there are issues that are caused by sub-standard installation we fix it at our expense for a lifetime.

The Cultured Stone products we install also come with a superb manufacturer’s warranty.

For more details, please visit our Lifetime Warranty page.

What’s your rating with the Better Business Bureau?

Our rating with the Better Business Bureau is the highest possible: A+. You can learn more by visiting our BBB A+ page.

How can I get a quote for my bathroom remodeling project?

America’s Bath makes getting a quote fast, easy, and free.

You’ll love our professionalism and how we never use gimmicks or high-pressure sales tactics.

We calculate your quote fair and honestly, and we calculate it the same way for every homeowner. We don’t pay pricing games like setting the price higher in hopes you’ll pay more, and then lowering it with a phony discount later if it doesn’t work. (It happens).

We do often have promotions or special financing available, but these are always applied to everyone the same and are completely transparent.

Can I get financing to help make my bathroom remodel more affordable?

Yes you can! Applying for financing is a very popular choice with our customers. It can make getting your beautiful new bathroom fit very comfortably in your monthly budget.

We make applying easy and transparent, and approval is typically lightning fast. Visit our Financing page for more details.

What areas do you serve?

We serve Chicagoland and South East Wisconsin for bathroom remodeling. For more detailed information, please visit our Service Area page.