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Why Am I Paying Someone To Do Nothing
But Visit Past Customers?

Because I Need MAKE SURE We Kept Our Promises.

A Message From Douglas Boncosky, Owner & Founder Of America’s Bath:

One of the bedrock core values of my company has always been this: we get the job done right, on time, and exactly as promised.

We have a lot of systems in place to make sure that happens.

Even more important, I’ve got a great team of experienced experts that have an iron-clad commitment to doing exactly what we promise.

But still…

I’m the kind of guy that likes to MAKE SURE. I don’t want to leave any doubt that we’re doing things exactly as promised.

So I hired someone to do one thing, and one thing only: Visit past customers and find out if we did exactly what we said we would do.

Our Customer Satisfaction Liaison will typically visit customers about a month or so after installation day.

That’s enough time for you to have evaluated if you love your new bath or not. But it’s also not so long after that you’ve forgotten your installation experience.

Because I need to know both of those things:

  • Do you love your results?
  • Was the service you received professional, friendly, and completely pleasant?

My full-time Customer Satisfaction Liaison gathers that information and reports it back to me and my team so we can make sure that we are keeping our promises.

If we get even a little bit of negative feedback on any part of the service or results, we spring into action and make sure it gets corrected appropriately.

I’m happy to report that the overwhelming majority of feedback my Customer Satisfaction Liaison receives is very positive.

And I’m going to keep sending her out to make sure that never changes.

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A Lot Of Contractors Would Say I’m Wasting My Money

Some contractors can’t understand why I would pay someone full-time to do nothing but visit homeowners after the job is done. They would call it a waste of money because it does nothing to add directly to the bottom line.

I disagree.

I’m doing it because it’s the right thing to do, but I also happen to think it makes good business sense.

Any company lives and dies by its reputation. Maybe not in the short-term, but in the long run for sure. Without keeping a close watch on quality control, things can start to go wrong, and before you know it, you’ve got a bad reputation.

That would mean no more happy ‘word of mouth’ referrals, no more A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and no more awesome reviews. We have all those things, and I intend to make sure we always will.

That’s just good business.

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